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Question: I see in Section 14.1 that the New England Telehealth Consortium is the Billing Entity. Is that the only option or might MaineHealth be the contracting and billing entity?
Answer: We welcome your bid, we will finalize the billing entity at a later time.

Question: What would the client like to see in reference to each of the addresses? For example, A yes/no? A list of type of coverage? A map? Coverage per road/area/zip?
Answer: We need enough detail to see which addresses are covered and which are not.

Question: Can USCC still bid on the opportunity if we cannot provide symmetrical bandwidths?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is it acceptable to provide a single price for all connections if they the connection won't be symmetrical?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is it acceptable to propose a private network to ensure full coverage?
Answer: Yes

Question: Please confirm the closing time of the RFP deadline?
Answer: 8/30/2022

Question: What ERM system does NETC/MaineHealth use?
Will NETC/MaineHealth require the vendor to integrate telehealth/rpm application data into ERM system?
Do patients require RPM devices (as described in 1.6., e.g. pulse oximeter)?
If so, how many of each type of device?
Will patients bring their own device (tablet/smartphone) to run the Behavioral Health application and also be the interface for the Telehealth visits?
If not, how many tablets or smartphones will be needed for the patient population?
Does NETC expect patients to manually submit, for example, stethoscope auscultation readings, or should this and other readings be accomplished automatically by the RPM devices and applications?
At any one time, how many patients will be enrolled in this program?

Answer: The devices are all in a potential future state and not currently live, so we won't be able to answer those questions.

Question: Please clarify and Bangor Core Physical Street Address, is there a subunit, is this a datacenter?
Answer: Colo Room #2, this is the NETC Core location.

Question: For E-LAN, Section 11.5, the network diagram depicts each Connected Care Service with a direct Layer 2 path to MaineHealth. Why is there a link directly to MaineHealth?
Answer: Pricing for services at all relevant locations are being included in this RFP.

Question: For 11.5, what is the maximum number of nodes per broadcast domain to expect?
Answer: This can be discussed during contract negotiations.

Question: What is the MTU required for 11.6?
Answer: Ideally the minimum MTU size is 1582, if this isn't available in some locations please make note of it on your proposal.

Question: Who will be the contracting entity with the Service Provider for the services?
Answer: The contracting entity will be either New England Telehealth Consortium or MaineHealth, the specifics will be worked out during contract negotiations.

Question: How do the HCPs order additional services if needed?
Answer: As long as services can be added or moved as requested in section 9.8 of the RFP the procedure for ordering can be worked out during contract negotiations.

Question: Who will bill the individual HCPs for the services provided to the HCPs?
Answer: The billing procedure can be worked out during contract negotiations.

Question: How will troubles be addressed (who does the HCP call for service issues, NETC or Service Provider)?
Answer: NETC will address and troubles and will in turn contact the Service Provider if necessary.