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Question: In 11, 11.2 states that the service to be provided is Dark Fiber, but 11.1/11.2/11.3 are duplicated below it and 11.5 is for an Ethernet service. Should these be separated?
Answer: Please provide pricing for WAN and/or Dark Fiber (or equivalent) connections.

Question: In 11.5, a reference is made to "NETC core location listed below". Please define what this means, as below 11.5 are 11.5.1/11.5.2/11.5.3 which don't align with NETC Core locations that I'm aware of.
Answer: The core location addresses are as follows:

Question: Could you explain the purpose of Appendix B? In 11.1, it's referenced in relation to Dark Fiber, but there is not sufficient information in Appendix B to provide bids for dedicated Single Mode Leased Dark Fiber or equivalent.
Answer: If possible NETC would like the resulting agreement with the selected vendor(s) to include some method of determining dark fiber pricing amongst HCPs. This could be a formula, potentially including ICB charges and distance, used to calculate the MRC. Additional details outside the sites listed in section 11.1 will be discussed during contract negotiations.