New England Telehealth Consortium





"One of the most sublime

experiences we can ever

have is to wake up

feeling healthy after we

have been sick."

Harold Kushner






Question: Please confirm 1012 Union St., Bangor, ME 044401 is HCP# 35432
Answer: Confirmed

Question: Please confirm 14 Resilient Circle, Brunswick, ME 04011 is HCP# 68534
Answer: Confirmed

Question: Please confirm 1 Ammo Industrial Park, Hampden, ME 04444 is HCP# 95156
Answer: Confirmed

Question: Please confirm 242 Brunswick St., Old Town, ME 04468 is HCP# 23463
Answer: Confirmed

Question: The E911 addressing officer for Brewer reports that “5 Pendleton St., Brewer, ME 04412” is not a valid address. The Addressing Officer advises the client to contact the Addressing Officer for assistance. Is there further information that can identify this site?
Answer: Please use the address of Brewer Community School as the service address temporarily (92 Pendleton St, Brewer, ME 04412) as they are both located in the same building. Additional details will be discussed during contract negotiations.