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Question: Section 11.5 for 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps internet at 150 Pioneer. We already provide 5 Gbps there today. Would this be a renewal / upgrade of that or a separate internet connection to support these locations?
Response: Only one internet service is required at 150 Pioneer.

Question: Please verify the following address for HCP 26445 Family Medicine - Colchester: 883 Blakely Drive Williston VT
Response: Please use 883 Blakely Road Williston VT

Question: Please verify if the design is as detailed in section 9.1 - MEF Compliant any-to-any connectivity using Ethernet, MPLS or VPLS; or is the design as detailed in section 11.1 - 150 Pioneer Drive requires point-to-point connectivity to all the HCP sites.
Response: The more specific requests in section 11 supersede any requests in the General Network Requirments section.

Question: Section 11.1 details 15 locations, but section 11.4 provides bandwidth requirements for only 8 locations. The diagram on page 12 does not contain all the sites detailed in 11.1 either.
Response: Some sites are connected via networks not described in this RFP but may benefit from services aggregated at the datacenter.