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Question: Can you please advise on the submission format / any preferences that you have?
Response: Section 4 of the RFP outlines how vendors should respond. In essence we would request you go through each section and subsection of the RFP and indicate how you respond to each, see section 4 of the RFP for additional information. Beyond that quotes similar to what the cisco configurator creates with notations indicating which section of the RFP the quote corresponds to would be ideal.

Question: Some gear is listed as 3 year support/subscriptions, some as 5, some we cannot see the term due to the part number - Should there be a standard term applied across the board (ex. 3 year support, 5 year support, etc.)?
Response: Please provide pricing for 5 year

Question: All Sections 10.5 - Can you please confirm where you would like to see the Professional Services cost? (I do not see line item mention of this.) Please provide an additional line item for professional services.
Response: Please provide an additional line item for professional services.

Question: 10.6.1-10.6.6 - This is all a single SKU so it is included as a single sub-total
Response: Understood

Question: We need to understand how many workloads you would like licensed? The RFP is missing the top level SKU (C1-Tetration) which should include C1-TA-SW-K9 =, including how many workloads/servers you will be monitoring.
Response: Please add the following lines:
Qty 1 - C1-TETRATION Cisco Tetration Bundle (HW, SW subscription and AS-Fixed)
Qty 1 - C1-TA-SW-K9 Tetration Analytics Software Subscription bundle
Qty 15 - C1-TA-BASE-1K-K9 TA Base Software License 1K servers (VM/Baremetal) (60 Month)
Qty 15 - C1-TA-ENF-1K-K9 TA Policy Enforcement add-on lic 1K svrs inc (VM/Baremetal) (60 Mo)

Question: In general, you will need to add the top level SKU (C1-Tetration) and its sub SKU for subscription licensing will be added (C1-TA-SW-K9=) where these licenses/subscriptions for workloads can be added.
Response: See Above

Question: 10.6.19 - The RFP has quantity 5x QSFP-40/100-SRBD= listed as a sub component of a switch in, but this is a spare SKU (because of the =), cannot exist inside of a build - in all instances… Do you want an additional 5x QSFP-40/100-SRBD= for each primary component quantity? Or do you want a single line item of the spare SKU for the represented quantity?
Response: Please add a single line item of the spare SKU for the represented quantity 55x QSFP-40/100-SRBD=