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Question: Regarding section 11.4, it is our understanding that the port speed requested at 60 Summer St Bangor and at 16 Cavensish Court will range from 500Mbps to 5Gbps, however the port speed at the participate sites will be 4G equivalent. Is this RFP actually for a wireless solution, or a wireline solution, or either? Multiple points in section 9 speak directly to a wireline solution.
Response: The HCF program requires that we consider all proposed solutions and select the most cost-effective as defined in section 15 of the RFP. The port speeds at 60 Summer St and 16 Cavendish Court should be the aggregate of the participant sites or greater.

Question: In section 9.8: Bandwidths listed for each particular HCP may indicate multiple bandwidth increments. The first (bold) is the minimum requirement. Responding Vendors shall provide pricing for all bandwidths listed for each HCP. If a carrier is unable to meet the requirement cost-effectively, it should respond with pricing for the maximum bandwidth it can provide. We do not see a minimum requirement for any of the HCP sites.
Response: Please consider the minimum to be 1.5 Mbps symmetrical