New England Telehealth Consortium





"A man too busy to take

care of his health is like

a mechanic too busy to

take care of his tools."

Spanish Proverb


















Management Interviews


  1. Site Descriptive Information for each site requiring a network connection to the NETC network

LAN Devices

  1. Network Topology and Equipment

Current LAN Information
Current WAN Information
Bandwidth requirements

  1. Applications

Current Applications
Potential Applications (i.e. telemedicine, PACS, EHR, etc.)

  1. Traffic Prioritization
  2. General Communication Requirements.

Single or Multiple connection
Connection timeframe request

  1. Goals/Use of NETC network

Replacement WAN
Redundancy WAN
Connectivity to business partners
Connection to Internet2

  1. Internet2 Access

Current access
Estimated bandwidth requirements

  1. Current Internet Access


  1. Default Routing

Protocols in use
Protocol preference

  1. Are you willing to host a NETC hubsite?
  2. Additional Services


*There is still a limited amount of time to add more sites and take advantage of the 85% subsidy. Click Here for more info.

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