New England Telehealth Consortium





"One of the most sublime

experiences we can ever

have is to wake up

feeling healthy after we

have been sick."

Harold Kushner










































































































































































NETC Funding Year 2016 to 2019 RFPs

NETC is seeking bids for a number of its member health care providers (HCPs).  These RFPs will be for services partially funded through the FCC's Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF).  Bidders must have a SPIN (498 ID) configured for the Healthcare Connect Fund and an FCC Registration Number (FRN).  Questions should be submitted by email per the instructions in each RFP.

The Healthcare Connect Fund is authorized by the FCC on WC Docket No. 02-60, formalized as the Report and Order FCC 12-150, found here. The FCC's Healthcare Connect Fund is adminisered by Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC). For more information about HCF, visit USACs Rural Health Care website, and select the HCF Program option.